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Free Email Course: How to Write a Book

As an Indie author I often am approached by aspiring authors who want to know how to get started writing their books.  I remember when I first decided to write a book, how I researched to the point of exhaustion.  […]

3 Lessons Learned in 2016

Writing is my thing. It’s my answer to the question of what’s the one thing you would do if you could do anything? Knowing this you would think I would have done more writing in 2016. This year I have […]

Get Back to Writing

This year I have been so focused on the business of writing I haven’t had time to write. What have I been working on?  Good question, here is a snippet: The third ebook in the SSMD (Single, Shacking, Married, Divorced) […]

Step it Up: Misfit Flash

This past week I had a goal of increasing my daily steps from an average of 2,782 steps a day to 5,000. I didn’t quite make it, but I came close with a new average of 4,505. I would beat […]

MyFitnessPal Pebble or Pearl

Last week, I shared with you how I was going to revisit using MyFitnessPal app to help me on my health journey. Do you think that after a week of eating 4th of July barbecue and leftovers, logging my calories […]

My Road to Health

Two years ago I came face to face with a health issue that changed my perspective on life and living. I’m still going through the journey to reclaim my health, but I need to refocus. Sometimes you have to turn […]

JB’s Writers Studio: Rumble Room

Some years back I opened what I called the Writer’s Rumble Room on my Facebook author page. The intent was to challenge myself and other writers to craft the best sentence they could from a selected word with a specific […]

JB’s Writers Studio: Writer Up!

There are two terms that come to mind from my childhood, one when I was trying out for high school soft ball and the coach yell to me “batter up”. Other than neighborhood softball, I hadn’t really played before and […]

JB’s Writers Studio: Give Me Title Baby!

One of your biggest marketing tools is the title of your book. Your title has to stand strong against other titles vying for readers’ attention. It also has to draw attention from your marketing and promotional material. On top of […]

JB’s Writers Studio: Indie Author (Pros & Cons)

Are you just about done with that novel? Wondering if self-publishing is the route for you? Let me share what I found to be some of the pros and cons of being an Indie Author. Let me forewarn you that […]