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Finding My Way to Health

In my personal blog Pebbles or Pearls I write about things that I’ve tried in an effort to improve my, and my family’s health. It has been a roller coaster ride to say the least.  Even when I find things […]

Pebbles or Pearls – The ACV Bandwagon

You’ve probably seen articles promoting drinking a daily dose of organic apple cider vinegar.  Some of the benefits of doing so are: Improved digestion Strengthen your immune system Relieves heartburn Prevent candida and normalize intestinal bacteria Helps regulate blood sugar […]

Pebbles or Pearls: A Smoothie a Day

In my post Food vs. Supplement I shared with you why I decided to seek my vitamins and nutrients from food. Most of us have heard that we should eat the rainbow. Meaning we should choose fruits and vegetables from […]

Pebbles or Pearls: DIY ACV & Castor Oil Scalp Treatment

This winter I am serious about combatting winters effects on my skin. No more dry itchy skin, and along with that no more dry itchy scalp. I just can’t take it anymore and while I believe the ultimate answer is […]

Pebbles or Pearls – Food vs. Supplement

On my journey to health and wellness I have accumulated a laundry list of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. My first thought was to go to the health food store and purchase supplements. I walked in with a […]

Pebbles or Pearls – DIY Moisturizer

My first DIY post was on a homemade honey face wash. I have officially placed this in the pearl category for me. With the success of the face wash I wanted to find a DIY moisturizer to add to my skin […]

Pebbles or Pearls : Neti Pot – What the What?

In my late twenties I read a book by Queen Afua entitled Heal Thyself and it should have been life changing. I started down the path to health and even begin taking online courses to learn about naturopathy, but sadly […]

Pebbles or Pearls: I Don’t Trust You

Believing in yourself is important in your journey to achieve whatever health and self-care goals you set for yourself. Not believing, is in essence telling yourself, “I don’t trust you with my dreams,” which creates space for failure. In order […]

Pebbles or Pearls – Sneaky Me

Growing up I hated liver, broccoli, peas and most things that my Mom said were healthy.  After becoming an adult I told my Mom how I now liked most of the things I used to hate, but I still couldn’t […]

Pebbles or Pearls – DIY Homemade Honey Face Wash

I have been on a quest to find Do It Yourself (DIY) products that are easy to make and that I would like enough to add into my self-care routine.  For over twenty years I have been a devoted Mary Kay […]