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Pebbles or Pearls is me sharing my personal journey as I seek to improve my and my family’s health, home and happiness. I’ll share some things that seem good, but don’t work for me (pebbles) and things that are a must that I incorporate in my life (pearls). I’m hoping that you will share your pebbles and pearls as well. Truth is one person’s pebble could be another person’s pearl.

Step it Up: Misfit Flash

This past week I had a goal of increasing my daily steps from an average of 2,782 steps a day to 5,000. I didn’t quite make it, but I came close with a new average of 4,505. I would beat […]

MyFitnessPal Pebble or Pearl

Last week, I shared with you how I was going to revisit using MyFitnessPal app to help me on my health journey. Do you think that after a week of eating 4th of July barbecue and leftovers, logging my calories […]

My Road to Health

Two years ago I came face to face with a health issue that changed my perspective on life and living. I’m still going through the journey to reclaim my health, but I need to refocus. Sometimes you have to turn […]

Pebbles or Pearls – The ACV Bandwagon

You’ve probably seen articles promoting drinking a daily dose of organic apple cider vinegar.  Some of the benefits of doing so are: Improved digestion Strengthen your immune system Relieves heartburn Prevent candida and normalize intestinal bacteria Helps regulate blood sugar […]

Pebbles or Pearls: A Smoothie a Day

In my post Food vs. Supplement I shared with you why I decided to seek my vitamins and nutrients from food. Most of us have heard that we should eat the rainbow. Meaning we should choose fruits and vegetables from […]

Pebbles or Pearls: DIY ACV & Castor Oil Scalp Treatment

This winter I am serious about combatting winters effects on my skin. No more dry itchy skin, and along with that no more dry itchy scalp. I just can’t take it anymore and while I believe the ultimate answer is […]

Pebbles or Pearls – Food vs. Supplement

On my journey to health and wellness I have accumulated a laundry list of vitamins and minerals that the body needs. My first thought was to go to the health food store and purchase supplements. I walked in with a […]

Pebbles or Pearls – DIY Moisturizer

My first DIY post was on a homemade honey face wash. I have officially placed this in the pearl category for me. With the success of the face wash I wanted to find a DIY moisturizer to add to my skin […]

Pebbles or Pearls – Meet the Frittata

I believe health isn’t one roadmap fits all. In my quest to become healthier I’ve read many roadmaps. Go vegan or vegetarian, eat clean or gluten free, low fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar, no process foods, or drink […]

Pebbles or Pearls : Neti Pot – What the What?

In my late twenties I read a book by Queen Afua entitled Heal Thyself and it should have been life changing. I started down the path to health and even begin taking online courses to learn about naturopathy, but sadly […]