As an Indie author I often am approached by aspiring authors who want to know how to get started writing their books.  I remember when I first decided to write a book, how I researched to the point of exhaustion.  If I had put half the time into writing the book as researching how to get started, the book would have been completed much earlier.

With this in mind I’ve created Plan to Write and Write as Planned, a free 4 week email course to help aspiring authors start writing their books.  At the end of the course, not only will they have started a book, but they will have a roadmap on how to complete it as well.

In Plan to Write and Write as Planned aspiring authors will learn:

  1. How to choose which story/topic to write
  2. How to overcome time constraints that hinder your writing
  3. How to use a writing tool and prepare to write your first draft
  4. How to put it all together and start the first draft of your book

For those of you interested in writing your first book please click here to sign up today.

In addition to working on the writing course I’ve been working on my next novel.  I’ve tentatively named it Forgive for Joy’s Sake.  The characters are already off script which always makes for an interesting and engaging writing experience. I love when the story starts to tell itself.

On another front, my sister, Karen D. Bradley, who I collaborated with on our last book Life on Fire, has re-released an updated version of her first book Shattered Illusions.  Earlier this year she completed a short film based on  Shattered Illusions, entitled Stay Woke.  If you are interested in seeing the trailer, click here. She’s doing big things, and I’m proud of her.


I realized that since I stopped driving into work, I haven’t been listening to my audio books.  Now that I’m on metra and taking the train into work I prefer to use the time writing.  I have downloaded some books to my iPad to read as well, but overall I prefer to write. I have a list of books I want to dig into, ao I’ll get back to reading soon.


I’m loving creating pages for my planner and bullet journal.  I created my October page and posted to Instagram if you want to take a look.

Until next time, happy writing, reading and creating.


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Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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