This week I’m excited for some new ideas I have for this site. I won’t go into the details yet, because I have to get some things in place to make sure I can deliver on my plans. In a nutshell I’m planning to make this a more reader friendly site. For those of you who are aspiring authors looking for content on how to write, or someone who loves planning I will continue to share content, courses, and downloads on those subjects as well.

In the meantime, I’m stepping away from my nonfiction, I Believe God, for about three weeks. I need this break before doing another read through and deciding if I’m ready to move it forward in the publishing process. I’ve never done this with my novels, but I think it will be helpful for this book. I think it will be helpful to forget about it for a while and then come back with fresh eyes and perspective.

I had a hard time getting into Private by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro on Audible last week. The story didn’t immediately grab me, which could have been because I had a lot of things on my mind. I’ll give it another go this week and see if the story pulls me in. I did reread The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and have a created a modified Miracle Morning for myself.

While the nonfiction is on the wait list, I will start writing the fiction that has been running through my head and working on content for both sites.

I’ve drawn my September monthly title page for my bullet journal, and though it was late, I’ve posted a picture of it on Instagram, @MissJenettaM for those interested in seeing it.

Until next week, happy creating, reading, and living!

So It Begins

So it begins cover convertkit

Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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