Hopefully you are enjoying your Labor Day. Once I finish this post I will head out to enjoy it with my family. This week I’m in a much better place in my writing than I was last week. While I still have some clean up on the first draft of my nonfiction, tentatively entitled I Believe God, it is finished. I also finished reading the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. If you read my Blue to New Monday post you know I normally struggle with Monday mornings. Because of how I feel about Monday mornings I set about creating a plan to change the make-up of my weekdays that will result in me having a new and improved relationship with Mondays. I set goals for myself and created tasks to help me achieve those goal.

Reading The Miracle Morning helped me define what I want out of life and improve my plan. Are there obstacles to achieving my goals, yes there are and I’ve realized that I have to identify them and find ways to overcome them. Here are three steps I found necessary to take to overcome obstacles that I hope will benefit you.

  1. Identify them – When planning to achieve any goal it is important to identify potential obstacles. You also have to identify obstacles that arise while going for your goal. Some obstacles can be subtle like people who are knowingly, or unknowingly, trying to talk you off course. It might not be as obvious as them saying that they don’t think you should go for your goals, but they may plant seeds of doubt by questions they ask, like do you know how many people are trying to do what you do and actually succeed?
  2. Plan to address them – Once you identify an obstacles it is important to plan a course of action for addressing them.
  3. Address them – Never let an obstacle that can derail you from reaching your goal hang in the wind, hoping it will blow away. Take action and follow your plan to address them.

I’m now on board with the motto that life is what you make it. It’s easy to fall in the middle, or to the bottom and accept status quo, but why settle, why not set goals, make plans and take action? As a writer I always say plan to write and write as planned. Now I also say plan your life and live as planned. With that I wrap up my planned writing time, and now it’s on to live my life.

Have you read the Miracle Morning? I would love to hear your thoughts. Would also love to hear what are you doing to create the life you want?

This week I will be listening to Private by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro on Audible. It was available for free download last week and I haven’t read a James Patterson book in a while. I’m going to also reread parts of The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod for reinforcement.

This week I’ll do some clean up with the viewpoint on my draft of I Believe God.

I have to draw my September monthly title page and my August look back for my bullet journal. Also working on some productivity planner sheets for my planner which I will also load to my Etsy shop.

Until next week, happy creating, reading, planning, writing and of course living!

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