How to Write A Book: 3 things to knowI have 6 days to finish the first draft of my non-fiction. If I don’t it will be the third time I missed a writing deadline I’ve set for myself on this book. It’s made me rethink the question I get asked often when someone learns I’ve written books. How to write a book? Before this book I thought the question was about the process of organizing your thoughts, building a good story and writing in an engaging way. However, with this book I’ve learned the question can mean so much more.

Prior to this book I’ve created a visual on how to write & self published a book, I’ve provided aspiring authors with information on tools they can use such as outlines and character charts that will help. Yes those are good tools, in fact outlining has helped me with this book. However, there are three things I’ve learned since starting this book that I believe aspiring writers should know when learning about how to write a book.

1. Know when a book is worth the struggle to complete. Before this book it was easy for me to determine when a book wasn’t worth completing. The characters weren’t strong enough, the storyline wasn’t interesting, or I found myself losing interest in writing it. This book is different, because it’s personal and if written correctly may help someone who has been where I’ve been or going through what I’m going through. The struggle of finishing the first draft is about the flow and delivery of message and not about not being able to write. When I questioned was it worth the struggle my gut said yes, so I’m pressing through the struggle.

2.  Reach out to someone you trust to help you if you falter with your book. If you know an avid reader, or a fellow writer whose opinion you trust, let them read what you have written and give honest feedback. I’m blessed to have a sister who also writes, who read through what I’ve written and was able to provide some insights that are helping me re-write some parts to help with the flow.

3.  Make sure you stay connected to why you are writing the book. Every book should have a why, whether it’s a great storyline that you believe others will enjoy, it has a powerful message that you want to share, or it’ providing information that can help others. Keep this in mind as you work on completing your first draft, because this will help you recognize drift in your writing. Drift is when you are moving away from the why in your book and are off your writing course. Drifting will cause major flow issues in your book and should be avoided at all cost.

Writing is a art form and a process that has variables which requires writers to adjust and grow. I urge aspiring writers to not worry about figuring out how to write a book and spinning their wheels waiting to figure it all out. Start writing and learn while doing, and you’ll build your own writer’s toolkit and learn what tools you need when.

Well, as I’ve said, I have 6 days to finish my first draft so I’m going to end this right here and get to it.  I hope you found this helpful. If you are an aspiring author or someone who loves to write I’d love to here what issues or lessons you have encountered. Please comment and share them below.

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