I have changed directions many times in 2017 trying to find my lane. The entrepreneur movement swept me up and away from my main goal of simply wanting to write and express myself creatively. Up until today I spread myself too thin, trying to obtain the “entrepreneur lifestyle.” During that time I blogged, but I wasn’t doing much writing outside of that. I started another more service focused blog and began posting about things like writer tools, and productivity tools that help you bridge the gap between your reality and dreams. Ironically those posts hit home with me. I have a gap to fill between where I want to be as an author and where I was currently reside.

This lead me back here to my author page and back to writing. The vision I have for myself lies within my writing and creative expression. The road I traveled to get back home was worth the gas because I reconnected with planning and maximizing my productivity through the use of productivity tools, like planners, schedules, trackers, etc. I also found another way to express myself creatively through bullet journaling.

Now that I’m refocused I’m excited about sharing my planning, writing and creative journey and how I am realigning my life, as best I can, to enjoy being a creative spirit. I’m hoping in sharing I’ll inspire others to plan, write, and express themselves creatively too.

I plan my week Monday through Sunday, so today I’m filling out my weekly spread to layout my writing schedule and my personal schedule. I find that when I have my writing time and personal tasks I get more things done than when I don’t. I’m also starting to get appointments for 2018 so I’ll also create my 2018 monthly spread this week.


This week I’m listening to The Longevity Plan – Seven Life Transforming Lessons from Ancient China by Dr. John D. Day and Jane Anne Day on Audible. I’m reading The Ladies’ Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness A Complete Book for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society by Florence Hartley. Two different books, for two different reasons. The Longevity Plan I’m listening to because I’m always interested in learning about health. The Manual of Politeness because I find it fascinating to read advice on decorum for ladies in 1860. I think once I’m done I’m going to see if there is an equivalent written recently and see what differences I find.

Today I wrote two chapters on the book I’m currently working. Once finished it will be my first published non-fiction book. I’m still wrestling with the name, but it’s about my personal health journey and the faith walk I’ve had to take. Writing about myself has always been the hardest thing for me to write about and this book has stretched me. However, I’m determined to complete the first draft in August. Confession: It was suppose to be completed in February of this year.


A few months back I ran across information on bullet journaling (bujo) and have been using it to express some of my creativity through tracking life events through drawings. I’ve found it to be a relaxing and each month I can change up my layout and do something different.

I spent the past weekend celebrating my son’s 7th birthday. He is such a bright spot in my life and I’m amazed how fast he is growing. He is all things ninja and we had a blast celebrating his “Ninja” birthday at Pow Gym.


Well that’s it for this week. Hopefully, you like the new direction I’m going and will hang out with me. This is only the beginning, more to come. If you read either of the books I mentioned or have some favorites you like to suggest to me I would love for you to comment and share them below.

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