Some years back I opened what I called the Writer’s Rumble Room on my Facebook author page. The intent was to challenge myself and other writers to craft the best sentence they could from a selected word with a specific word count.

I found myself in a head to head battle with my sister. Who I admit came up with some sentences that she could have easily dropped the mic, or maybe dropped the pen, after writing.  Well, I’m feeling like stepping back into the Writer’s Rumble Room and I wonder who else is up for the challenge. The rules are simple:

  1. You must use the chosen word in your sentence.
  2. You have to use your own words (no plagiarism).
  3. You can’t go over the word count.

I’ll open the Writer’s Rumble Room every third Thursday of the month. You have until the following Wednesday to post.

The word this month is heart and you have 14 words to use to express yourself. Let the rumble begin.

My entry:

She followed her heart blindly until her behind hit concrete.


I have written and published six novels.  My latest book entitled Life on Fire, co-written with my sister Karen D. Bradley, was released in June 2015.

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So It Begins

So it begins cover convertkit

Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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