PromoteOne of your biggest marketing tools is the title of your book. Your title has to stand strong against other titles vying for readers’ attention. It also has to draw attention from your marketing and promotional material. On top of those responsibilities it also has to either:

  1. Give the reader an idea of what your book is about or
  2. Make them want to read it to find out what’s inside this book

For nonfiction you definitely want a title that gives the reader an idea on the subject you are covering. Would you buy a book title Cupcakes that was about making candles? Or a book titled Soulmate and it’s about finding the perfect job. I know the examples seem ridiculous, but you get the point.

While you may think you have more creative space with fiction, the bottom line is the title should give some idea of what’s inside. And whatever your book title promises your reader, your story better deliver. Come to Me, sounds a bit sexy, but write about a boat named Come to Me, drifting on the ocean, and see where that gets you.

Of course it takes more than having a great title to wrangle in book sales, but it is a part of the equation.  Now don’t beat yourself up trying come up with a title. I go through titles like chips, I can’t stop at just one and I normally don’t land on one until I’m well into writing my book. Just be aware that the title matters and don’t fall in love with a title because it tickles your fancy.

Interesting tool:

Lulu has created a title analysis tool that gives you a calculation (percentage) of your book title becoming a best seller. Their calculation is based on a study they did of over 700 bestselling titles.

Here is a link to the tool:


Click here for a free copy of my Write & Self-publish chart. It provides the high-level steps you need to write and self-publish your book. I invite you to comment and ask any questions you may have on writing and self-publishing your book.

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Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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