PromoteUntil my latest novel, Life on Fire that I co-authored with my sister, I had never thrown a book release party. Ours was a book release celebration with a panel discussion on Taking Risks in Life and Love, a topic pulled from the book’s storyline.

Do you need to throw a book release party to successfully launch your book? Probably not, but it can be either a great way to celebrate your hard work or it could be a viable way to promote your book. Before you decide to throw a book release party you need to be honest with yourself about why you are doing it. If you just want a blowout party to celebrate your hard work then have at it. However, if you are throwing a book party as part of marketing and promotions then you want to plan for what type of outcome you want. Whichever way you decide, outside of not having one, you have to add it into your budget.

If you have a book release, please remember the book in book release and make sure you have your books at the party. Sounds like something that doesn’t need to be said, but it’s easy for timelines to slip and you don’t want to plan to have the party to close to the date you are scheduled to receive your books. You want to have a little wiggle room in case your book shipment is delayed.

Should you charge for people to attend? If it’s you throwing a party as a way to celebrate with friends and family, then probably not. For a release party targeted at promoting your book, well some say yes and some say no. I think offering a small general admissions fee and a discounted fee with the purchase of a book is better than free. It put skins in the game for the attendees so they won’t be so quick to blow off your party.

I think that with each new book you should weigh the pros and cons of having a book release party. As long as you know what your end game is for having one then there is no wrong choice to be made.

Click here for a free copy of my Write & Self-publish chart. It provides the high-level steps you need to write and self-publish your book. I’m currently blogging my way through each step to provide more detail. I invite you to comment and ask any questions you may have on writing and self-publishing your book.

I have written and published six novels.  My latest book entitled Life on Fire, co-written with my sister Karen D. Bradley, was released in June 2015If you are new to writing a book or self-publishing and want to follow along as I share what I’ve learned, either subscribe to receive my blog posts at or request to be added to my  group on Facebook, JB’s Writers Studio where the links to the posts will be shared. The group will also be a place for members to ask questions and share information.

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Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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