Pebbles or Pearl Logo_FinIn my post Food vs. Supplement I shared with you why I decided to seek my vitamins and nutrients from food. Most of us have heard that we should eat the rainbow. Meaning we should choose fruits and vegetables from all the color groups so that we can get their variety of benefits. Well, let me tell you for me that is easier said than done.

I know there are people out there who love to chow down on big bowls of fresh veggies or fruit, but I’m not one of them. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I can only eat so much before I’ve had more than enough. Then there are the days were I just don’t want to crunch and munch on them. I’m just being honest.

For me the answer to this dilemma came in the form of a smoothie. I can dump an amount of fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies, which I could never eat, into my NutriBullet and blend them into a delicious smoothie and drink it all down. And if I added a little protein to the mix, I had a meal that would last me until my next meal.

I reached back into my catalog of health books and found my 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smith and decided to make the recipes in the book. I probably should have followed the cleanse, but I just wanted the smoothie recipes.  I probably will do the modified version of the cleanse which is more suited for those, like me, who have no desire to live on juice for 10 days. The modified version allows you to eat a meal.

For now it was about getting those fruits and veggies in my system on a regular bases. I made the smoothies and found them to be good.  A week after incorporating the smoothies, for breakfast, I realized my energy level had gone up. Now it’s about being consistent, which I admit I haven’t always been when it comes to making my smoothies. My goal is a smoothie a day and that it, along with my healthy meals will move me closer to my healthier goal.

Here’s to our best Health, Home and Self

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