PromoteI have a confession, if I could cut out one part of the writing and publishing process, it would be marketing and promotion (M & P). I love writing and like the publishing process, but I’ve had to learn to respect marketing and promotion. The truth is, if you want your book to succeed you have to, not only create a marketing and promotional plan, but follow it.

Let me speak clearly to those who want to believe that because their book is good it will fly off the shelves. If you don’t figure out your target market, and how to reach your target market to let them know about your book, you will be using a duster to clean off your books.

Your budget and M & P plan should be tied at the hip. You don’t want to spend thousands on promoting your book to make hundreds or hundreds to make tens. It’s not as simple as purchasing print ads, or on air space to announce your book. You have to determine what your target market will respond to and on what platform. There are a many options and you have to select the ones you think will work best.

Whether you try a virtual tour, social medial ads, or special appearances, you will need to gauge the success of your M & P endeavor. It’s a little easier to do once your book is released because you can track sales. However, M & P has to start long before your book hit the shelves. I’ve read somewhere that a best seller happens long before the book is released. Create your buzz before your release date.

Another fact is that it doesn’t matter if you are a self-published author or an author published through the traditional publishing house, you are responsible for promoting your book. Even if you hire a publicist they are going to arrange for you to promote your books. Remember this book is your baby and you are going to have to carry it.

Click here for a free copy of my Write & Self-publish chart. It provides the high-level steps you need to write and self-publish your book. I’m currently blogging my way through each step to provide more detail. I invite you to comment and ask any questions you may have on writing and self-publishing your book.

I have written and published six novels.  My latest book entitled Life on Fire, co-written with my sister Karen D. Bradley, was released in June 2015If you are new to writing a book or self-publishing and want to follow along as I share what I’ve learned, either subscribe to receive my blog posts at or request to be added to my  group on Facebook, JB’s Writers Studio where the links to the posts will be shared. The group will also be a place for members to ask questions and share information.



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