Pebbles or Pearl Logo_FinThis winter I am serious about combatting winters effects on my skin. No more dry itchy skin, and along with that no more dry itchy scalp. I just can’t take it anymore and while I believe the ultimate answer is to move to Hawaii, it’s just not feasible right now.

It’s war and I’m equipping myself for the battle. In a recent post I shared a DIY for a face moisturizer which I love, but I think it’s more suited for my skin in the warmer season. I’ve already plan another tweak to it, which I will share with you as soon as I try it. I also have a DIY body cream that I need to share with you because it is definitely a good weapon to have in my battle against winter. Today, I want to share my easy DIY ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) and Castor Oil treatment that has my scalp singing.

I wanted to try ACV on my winter dry scalp because I have been reading about the benefits of using it which include:


  1. Can restore natural moisture and treat dry itchy scalp (I could stop right here)
  2. Can reduce skin inflammation and dandruff
  3. Helps balance scalp and hair PH
  4. Can promote hair growth
  5. Removes product build up
  6. Close and smooths hair cuticles

ACV Treatment Ingredients

¼ Cup Organic ACV (with the mother strand) I haven’t tried it with regular ACV

¾ Cup of distilled water

Mix ACV and water in a spray bottle.  Spray onto clean scalp and wait 5 minutes before rinsing out. Apply conditioner (I use Queen Helene’s Argan Oil cholesterol) to hair only (not on scalp). Allow conditioner to remain on hair per the directed time on the product.  Rinse conditioner out. At this point you can style your hair as usual.

If you are like me than you are going to need a little more defense against the bitter cold. I grab my bottle of castor oil and before drying my hair I apply it to my scalp. I pour a little in the top of the bottle and part my hair and apply with my finger directly to my scalp.  Castor oil is a thick oil, so if you have fine or thin hair you may want to try another oil. I have long locs and, cold weather induced, dry scalp so for me it’s not a problem. By the time my hair dries the oil has been absorbed.

I repeat this treatment once a week and have been doing so for two weeks and my scalp has been feeling good.  A bonus is my hair has more body and shine.

To winter, I know we are at level one and you are going to step up your game with freezing temperatures; but I’m gearing up for you and thinking I’m going to give you a run for the money this time.

Here’s to our best Health, Home and Self

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