Publish PictureNow that you’ve chosen your publishing path it’s time to determine your book release date. The release date is the day your book will be available for purchase. With a release date a publishing schedule to meet that release date is required. Now let me say that the date can be an arbitrary one as long as you give yourself enough time to do what’s necessary (publishing schedule) to meet it. Or it can be one based on the publishing schedule you create and the timeframe outline in it.

Can’t you just start along the publishing process and determine the date later? Yes, you can, but you run the risk of pushing the date further and further out. With a set date in mind it gives you a goal as well as helps set an understanding of when things have to be done for your publishing vendors.  Sometime next year doesn’t sound as definitive to a printer, or a Print on Demand company, as May 19, 20XX. With a specific day in mind it helps you create a publishing schedule and lets you know when you need to have each step, such as book edits, or typesetting, completed. It also lets you know where you have a little wiggle room if something takes longer than expected.

Having a release date also helps during that elevator conversation about your book. You know that random conversation that leads to you telling someone you are working on your book and they ask, “When it will be available for purchase?”  Providing a specific date versus saying I don’t know, or sometime next year, sounds so much better and looks better on the printed marketing material you are going to hand them.

A release date and a publishing schedule are tools that can only help you if you have them in your tool box. Don’t march forward on your self-publishing journey without them.

Click here for a free copy of my Write & Self-publish chart. It provides the high-level steps you need to write and self-publish your book. I’m currently blogging my way through each step to provide more detail. I invite you to comment and ask any questions you may have on writing and self-publishing your book.

I have written and published six novels.  My latest book entitled Life on Fire, co-written with my sister Karen D. Bradley, was released in June 2015If you are new to writing a book or self-publishing and want to follow along as I share what I’ve learned, either subscribe to receive my blog posts at or request to be added to my  group on Facebook, JB’s Writers Studio where the links to the posts will be shared. The group will also be a place for members to ask questions and share information.



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