I believe health isn’t one roadmap fits all. In my quest to become healthier I’ve read many roadmaps. Go vegan or vegetarian, eat clean or gluten free, low fat, no fat, low sugar, no sugar, no process foods, or drink healthy meal replacements. The choices are endless. It is overwhelming.

I’ve tried many, and failed many, for one reason or another. Who can stick to any eating plan when you dread eating the meal or push away from the table feeling like you never sat down. I don’t know about you but I don’t exactly feel healthy when I’m tired and hungry.

To keep myself from continuing down the try this versus that fad, I’ve decided to go back to the basics. Eat real, nutrient rich foods and then tweak things from there.  I’ll do my best to buy hormone-free, pesticide free, god-made vs man-made ingredients and see where that takes me.  It won’t be an instantaneous switch, because I’ll have to work on changing habits, thoughts and the way I cook.

One day at a time and one recipe at a time is my approach and my first obstacle is breakfast. I am a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast and every day at work I’d buy an omelet with cheese, spinach and bacon. I’d watch the cook pour a yellowish, orange hued oil like substance onto the grill and pour what I assumed was eggs onto that before he added the cheddar cheese, spinach and bacon. For this I would pay about three dollars.

A little perspective, I thought paying over two dollars for a carton of eggs was crazy and four dollars for organic eggs was insane. However, paying three dollars for an omelet was reasonable. The lies we tell ourselves for convenience.

My omelet habit had to be tweaked. I needed to cook for myself so that I was sure what ingredients went into my omelet. I needed the meal to be convenient so that I wouldn’t fall back to my old ways. I searched until I came across a frittata recipe.  With a frittata I can have the same ingredients I had with my weekday omelets, but I can make it on Sunday and cut it up into slices to eat it during the week.  In the morning all I had to do is warm it up, eat and go. If I am running a little late I can drop a slice a bread in the toaster and slap my slice of frittata 0n it for a portable meal.

My weekly breakfast bill dropped considerably and I now knew every ingredient that went into my meal.  While I know that I’m going to have to introduce variety, I had to start with my coveted starter meal. And as I build on my repertoire it will probably still be in heavy rotation.

Spinach Frittata with Bacon and Cheddar (my tweaked version)

FullSizeRender (002)


8 eggs

½ cup of milk

½ lb fresh spinach, rinsed, and chopped/torn into bite sized pieces

6 to 8 slices of bacon (I use turkey bacon)

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

1 Tbsp. of butter


Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.

Oven bake bacon in cast iron skillet until crispy. Remove bacon from pan, and set aside.  Place the skillet on medium-low heat on the stove and add butter. Once butter is melted add in the spinach and sauté until it’s wilted.

In a mixing bowl add eggs and beat until frothy. Add milk and stir until combined. Season to taste. (I like oregano, garlic powder and cayenne pepper in my frittata.)

Pour the egg mixture into the skillet over the spinach, crumble in bacon. Add the grated cheese, give it one final stir and transfer the skillet to the oven. Bake fifteen to twenty minutes, until it’s set and firm in the middle.  Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cut into wedges (I cut into 8 wedges for portion control).  Place in a lidded container and store in the refrigerator.

The frittata was a pearl of a find for me. Comment and let me know what recipes you have found to be pearls in your health  and self care journey.

Here is to our best Health, Home and Self





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