Plan N Write picYou finally finished writing your book and you’re excited.  You are ready to see it converted into that book you envisioned all these years. If you are thinking, because you have put the period on the last sentence, that you are done you are wrong. It is time to read and reread and look for areas in your book where you can improve its content, clarity and completeness. Did you miss something that is important to your story? Are there areas where you repeat yourself or wasn’t as clear as you thought you were? Did you have a character step out her blue car in one scene and then later climb back into her grey SUV?

Isn’t that what an editor is for, you might ask. Well, you could wait until they bring up issues but guess what? It will still be your responsibility to correct them. This could be just my take on things, but I want my book as close to what I think is the finished product as I can get it before I send it off to be edited. I rather do as much work up front, then wait for it to come back from the editor marked up beyond belief.

In the effort to make it perfect, don’t get caught in the cycle of read, rewrite, read, rewrite and never get it off to the editor. The most I can do is three reads, and then I know I’m in overkill mode. It gets harder and harder to catch your own mistakes the more you read your work. Don’t get stuck because you caught a mistake each time you read through it. You still have many read, rewrite cycles ahead of you as you continue through the self-publishing process I promise, so don’t burn yourself out in the beginning.

It’s getting there don’t fret, you are your way to becoming published. Now back to it. Read, rewrite and repeat, but don’t get stuck in the cycle.

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So It Begins

So it begins cover convertkit

Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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