Plan N Write picThe best part of being a writer is writing. For me there is nothing like getting fully immersed in a story. It’s so rewarding when the characters come to life and get a mind of their own.  I have often become frustrated with a character that I couldn’t get to follow my storyline. My latest novel Life on Fire, co-written with my sister Karen was a bigger challenge as I didn’t have full control of the story. In both scenarios, characters going off the storyline, or another writer leading the story down another path, the beauty behind them is that they grow me as a writer and the story is usually better for it.

A frequent question I get from would be writers is how do I start the story? I’ve tried saying you start at the beginning and have gotten some lethal looks. I tried advising them to write the story as if you are telling it to your closest friend.  The looks for that one wasn’t lethal, but I could see that they didn’t find it all that helpful. Now I asked more questions before answering, because what I’ve learned is that even though it may be worded the same when asked, each person could mean something different by the question. One may not know how to come up with a storyline. One may not know how to develop a character. One may need to know how to research a topic. Because the question isn’t the same for everyone the answer isn’t either, which means more questions must be asked.

If you have questions on getting started, please comment and let me know what questions you have or roadblocks you are facing. For those who have followed my previous advice and scheduled time to write and know what they want to write, it’s time to get to it. First word to first sentence, first sentence to first paragraph, first paragraph to first chapter, and so on, let’s get it done. Don’t over think it, or worry about whether it’s good or not, just write.

One thing I do want to advise when it comes to writing. If your story doesn’t keep your attention or if you lose interest and try to force yourself to complete it you are doing yourself a disservice. I have started a book and lost interest in the character or storyline and had to lay it to rest. If I can’t even engage in it how do I expect readers to engage?

I want to be clear, I don’t mean you have a story that you love but get writer’s block so you lay it to rest. That isn’t the story you let go. It’s the one that you don’t even like the storyline or the book that doesn’t even motivate or inspire you as you are writing it.

Now that you’ve started, stick to your writing schedule as best you can until the last word is written.

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Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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