Plan N Write picIn my previous post Genre Who?, I asked you to decide whether you were going the fiction or non-fiction route. With that decision made you now need to determine what or who you will write about. Having talked to many would be writers, I find that normally they already know the answer to this. They have been thinking about it for a while and are just trying to figure out how to start.

However, there are some who are overwhelmed with all the ideas they have for stories. They are torn and can’t decide which one to write. If this is you I have one question; which one do you think about the most? Still doesn’t narrow it down? I have another question; which one causes excitement to rise in you when you think about it? Still not sure, well here is my final question. Which one do you think will be most impactful? If none of those questions prompts you to make a choice I now have a statement for you.  If you can’t decide just pick one and commit to getting that story written.

It’s time to decide in order to move forward. No more excuses about why you haven’t written and published that book. You can do it and I’m here to help you do it. It’s not as complicated as you think, but it will require your time, effort, commitment and you investing in publishing your book.

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So It Begins

So it begins cover convertkit

Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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