Plan N Write picEarly on I knew that I wanted to write and publish fiction. So whenever someone asked me what do you write I’d answered, “Fiction.” I was tripped up the first time someone asked me what genre of fiction do I write? Genre, what the heck was genre. I mean wasn’t defining whether or not I lived in the land of make believe (fiction) or the real world (non-fiction) enough?

The answer to that question was no. Why, you might ask like I did. Well, when it comes time to publish and market your book you are going to have to let the world know if your novel is a romance, drama, humor, dramedy, horror, suspense/thriller, mystery, science fiction and the list goes on. If you are writing non-fiction they will need to know if your book is a biography, self-help, inspirational/spiritual, motivational, and so on.

Now don’t let this trip you up, because the beautiful thing about writing is that once you head down the fiction or non-fiction path your story or work should define itself. What do I mean by this? Unless your writing style is mash-up, you shouldn’t end up with a romance, horror, western, dramedy full of suspense, mystery and inspiration. Don’t get me wrong you are allowed to select more than one, so don’t think you can’t write a Western Romance or Inspirational Biography. I’m just saying that the story inside your head or you are mapping out through research should align itself to its genre either by intent, you deciding you want to write a romance and writing one. Or by design, you writing about your life story.

I said all this to say, for now, just determine if you want to write fiction or non-fiction. Most of you probably already know, but I had to start with those in mind who may not be sure. We all know that fiction can be parts or all of someone’s reality and maybe someone is not comfortable telling their tale without it being under the guise of fiction. No matter, I just need you to decide what your route is so I can move you along the path to birthing that book.

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So It Begins

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Eva and her friends are trying to navigate the tricky waters of being single, shacking, married or divorced.

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