In my late twenties I read a book by Queen Afua entitled Heal Thyself and it should have been life changing. I started down the path to health and even begin taking online courses to learn about naturopathy, but sadly let the opinion of one, who will remain nameless, to derail me. However, life has a way of making you take the lesson you refused to learn when first presented and I’m back on the search for better health and wellness.

Part of my life lesson was the worse post nasal drip I’ve had in my entire life. I already had a condition that was said to be causing my chronic cough, but the post nasal drip seem to me to cause more of my coughing. The one, who shall remain nameless, didn’t believe me, the doctors also looked skeptical, but gave me a nasal spray just in case.  I tried the spray but whomp, whomp, it was a no go. Then a green book I’d purchased years ago came to mind.  Wasn’t there something about some kind of pot for nose rinsing that helped sinuses?

I went in search of the book, knowing I had it somewhere and whomp, whomp again, I couldn’t find it. I searched Amazon and though it had undergone a facelift there it was Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity by Queen Afua. It would take two days to arrive and I couldn’t wait that long for some relief. Hello my friend Google. I searched the web until I found the name of the mystery pot. It’s name was Neti, and I remembered why I didn’t run to get Neti all those years ago. Neti pot wanted me to pour a saltwater solution through one nostril and let it run out the other. What the what, was the type of reaction I had back in the day. Today, I was going to do whatever it took to get relief. The next day I purchased a Neti pot, it came with the solution I needed to mix with the distilled water, I also purchased that day. As soon as I could get my son to sleep I read the instructions and got the pot ready.

And then there was relief.

And then there was relief.

It’s almost laughable, how I was so turned off by the thought of using a Neti Pot.  It was strange but wasn’t discomforting or painful. A little gross on the initial use, but when I was done I was breathing out of both nostrils and the post nasal drip and the cough took a break for two days. When it returned it was nowhere near as bad as it had been before; and after the next Neti pot use I had three days of relief. It continuously got better, until summer hit and the nasal drip and Neti where forgotten. (Now that fall weather has arrived they are back in play.)

I forgot to mention that when the Queen Afua book arrived I flipped through the pages to see what had made the Neti pot so engrained in my brain that I recalled it after all these years. It’s funny because the first instance I came across it only mention nose rinser and list Neti pot as one of the types. Hmmm, I must have done some more reading on it or something. No matter the reason, I needed it and I do believe I need to reread the book too for the wealth of health knowledge it holds.

Now for some the Neti pot may be a miss, but for me it is a winner and a pearl. If you’ve tried it I would love to know how it worked for you. Also if you’ve read Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity by Queen Afua please comment below and share what from the book you’ve tried and the results.

Here’s to our best health and self.

Link to Neti pot I purchased

Link Queen Afua’s, Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity

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