Growing up I hated liver, broccoli, peas and most things that my Mom said were healthy.  After becoming an adult I told my Mom how I now liked most of the things I used to hate, but I still couldn’t bring myself to eat liver. She laughed a bit and gave me a sly smile. “What?” I asked her.

“You used to eat liver, you just didn’t know it.” She tells me, before explaining how she used to mix it with the beef she used for chili. My brother, sister and I had no idea we were eating the dreaded liver. After she told me that I thought to myself, what a sneaky mom.

Fast forward to me with my five year old son who hasn’t met a vegetable he likes. Dinner has become a battle of wills and a fierce negotiating session. I’m going to share a portion of one of our battles this one over spinach, but feel free to substitute any vegetable for spinach.

“I don’t want the spinach.” He tells me.

“Eat it please?” I tell him. Already knowing we are only at stage one of this battle.

“Why do I have to eat spinach every night?” He asks me.

“We don’t have spinach every night.”

He then breaks the tiniest piece off of one spinach leaf and says “Can I just eat this piece?”

“No, you have to eat it all.”

“Can I just eat it tomorrow?”

And so it goes, it’s a nightly battle and a lengthy one, usually ending in him with half the veggies or less in his belly and me with my patience stomped to pieces.

Well, recently I didn’t feel like going through the struggle so I took some frozen fruit, guava juice and fresh spinach and put it in my NutriBullet. I did this out of the sight of my son.  Once mixed I invited my son into the kitchen and he helped me pour the mixture into a pitcher. We then added vanilla greek yogurt and honey.

He stirred it up and tasted the mixture. “It’s good Mommy,” he tells me and I smiled.  I poured it into some popsicle molds and he put in the sticks. We had some left so we poured it into cups and then into our bellies.

The next day we enjoyed our frozen treats with smiles and I thought to myself sneaky me. Now where is that chili recipe?

I think he likes it.

I think he likes it.

My Sneaky Smoothies/Popsicles

Frozen grapes

Frozen apples

Frozen mango

Fresh Spinach

Guava juice

Vanilla Greek yogurt


Place two handfuls of clean, fresh spinach in a large NutriBullet cup.  Add your frozen fruit until just below the fill line. Pour in the guava juice until it reaches the fill line and blend.  (Please don’t let your veggie hater see this part of the recipe) Call your veggie hater in and help him/her pour the mixture into a pitcher. Add in a cup of vanilla Greek yogurt and stir. (Yes, you can do this in a blender, but I like for my son to stir it). The honey is optional and should be added to taste if desired.  You can drink as a smoothie, pour into popsicle molds and place in freezer, or both.

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