Three years ago I found out my vitamin D levels were low.  I learned this in my doctor’s office. What I didn’t learn was that vitamin D deficiency is associated with inflammation. I wasn’t told that inflammation was the underlying cause of autoimmune diseases and the main suspect in a laundry list of other chronic diseases such as cancer and autism.

What I’ve learned since that time is that you want to find out two things about yourself:

  1. Are your vitamin D levels normal?
  2. What is your C-Reactive protein (CRP) level? This is a marker that tells you how inflamed is your body.

I debated whether or not to put what I’ve read are the normal or ideal levels for both Vitamin D and CRP, but I think you should look into it. I think you should discuss it with you doctor when you ask them to test you.

Are these the only things you should know about your health? Of course not, but they are places to start. Hoping you found this to be a pearl, please feel free to comment and let me know.

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